About Us

 Alarm and CCTV installer Warwickshire security installer

Warwickshire Alarms help to provide you and your family with peace of mind by enabling you to secure your home the smart way. We will provide you with control and flexibility over what matters, in a manner that you are comfortable with. Warwickshire Alarms will support you with solutions for secure non intrusive modern living. We use the latest security and home automation technology so you can connect with and control your home whilst on the go.

Warwickshire Alarms is driven by the passion and expertise of Seb Apostol, who has 10 years experience working for the Police services, with a focus on crime prevention. A Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, Seb was concerned about the amount of crime in his local area, and wanted to make a difference to his community. Warwickshire Alarms was born from this philanthropic approach, with Seb now reaching out further and offering his personal service and understanding to a wider area.

Warwickshire Alarms use Ring, HKC, Risco and Dahua, Maxxone with recommendations made on usage and individual needs.

Our Services

We offer three types of service – alarms, CCTV and home automation. We will work to your budget and comfort level, and support you with what will work best for your needs.

Find out how many burglaries happened this month in Warwickshire.


From simple bell boxes and sirens, to Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensors, we use the alarm that is right for you and your own unique need. Each alarm system can be fully customised for your requirements, with ease of use recommendations, pet friendly devices, multiple units and control panels. Upon installation we will walk you through how to use your alarm and offer remote support if required.
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The next step up from an alarm system and an effective deterrent, CCTV allows video surveillance and recording to a basic system. All our CCTV systems are life aids that will support your lifestyle, giving you the ability to remotely login via a mobile device and check on your property at any time. Whether you are in or out of the house, any alarm triggered will automatically activate the CCTV system which will display a live feed on a mobile device.
  • A house with CCTV are 90% less likely to be burgled.
  • Having a heavy amount of security including CCTV; high-quality and new alarm systems; high gates and a long driveway will also deter burglars.

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Home automation systems will allow any powered device in your home to become operable via a timer or remote control. With home automation, the possibilities are huge when it comes to improving your comfort and security. A system will allow you to control your home from a mobile device anywhere in the world, from lights, locks and alarms to individual appliances, making your home look and sound occupied with ease.
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